The REAL “real life” after college. This is my story of my student debt.

24 Responses to #OutWithStudentDebt, A day In the life of a Student Loan Debt Slave

  • Mario V. says:

    how do these sons of bitches lenders sleep at night knowing they cause all
    this bullshit

  • Gochyooo says:

    First of all your stupid mistake was getting two jobs. Have you been to the
    police academy yet? You actually get reimbursed. 

  • Cristian Munoz says:

    Damn, girl you’re fucking beautiful.

  • Red Pill Philosophy says:

    this is what you get for wanting “the American dream” of “money, a big TV,
    and a nice little home”. That “dream” is actually a nightmare in disguise
    designed to entice you into a life of indentured servitude so you work a
    job you hate to buy shit you don’t need, all to feed a giant economic
    machine that really only truly benefits the psychopaths above you. College
    sucks, but it’s only a symptom of the problem. The CORE problem, is: the
    false desire to seek “fulfillment” in separation from others, in other
    words: let me make more money than you to feel better about myself at your
    expense. That’s silly bullshit, we’d all be better off overcoming it.

  • Kalevi Oksanen says:

    What’s the situation now? Have you already payed off your debt? Or are you
    at least making big enough payments to tackle the principle. I simply
    cannot believe that you cannot do that by having 2 jobs (granted horrible
    blue collar jobs). I think you’re trying to get people to donate money to
    you so you can scam them? :(

  • Tuan H says:

    People in the justice field…prosecutors especially have no soul. They
    blindly prosecute people for money in order for them to pay their way out
    of debt at the expense of the innocent. Its sickening. 

  • Raymond Myers says:

    All my wishes to you. I did tons of research and I know how hectic student
    loans can get. It’s not the actual loan that is bad, it’s the interest that
    comes with it as established in your video. Its crazy how interest creeps
    on us like that. Next thing you know, you’re owing more money then you took
    out. There is this girl I know, she went to college for hair dresser and
    came out with $12 000+ in debt. Student loans were sending her letters
    after her grace period to prepare her to start paying. Big mistake what she
    did. She ignored the letters and threw them away. Her mom was trying to
    convince her to start taking some action because playing with the
    government is not something smart to do. She could care less. Her minimum
    monthly payments before were about $80 a month. Now since the interest
    built up, it’s now $2500 a month MINIMUM. People need to understand that
    going to college for stuff that doesn’t have a lot of jobs in, graduating
    and unable to pay off their debt, as a result, prices for colleges go up
    and that means more debt for everyone. Student loan debt is more than 17
    trillion dollars ! I don’t know how the education economy will ever be
    stable again

  • Günther Lehmann says:

    In Germany education is free. – This is MADNESS! No, this is America.^^

  • mitch20003 says:

    how are you in that much bebt? I went to a CC and received an AAS in Health
    information technology. Cost: 11,000 including books. Ill be attending a
    university next semester to pursue a B.S in Health information management.
    Cost: 29,000

  • silvertrigga says:

    This video makes me sad for people… I almost got caught in the trap. I
    joined the military so that saved me but I only had 14,000 in student loan
    debt and I could pay it off now. Originally I was going to go to a college
    which would cost me $36,000 a year. I would of owed $144,000 in student
    loans by the time I got out. I thank god I had enough sense to say “fuck
    no” At least my younger self was not that dumb

  • Ghetto Kiddo says:

    If you were smart enough, you’d have got your AA from a CC in order to save
    money, and then transfer in to a good undergraduate law school. and kept
    continuing until you’ve got done with your masters. Then daam, your career
    would’ve been set. Job marketing is so small that you need to attend a
    graduate school to get a good job now a days.

  • DuncanL7979 says:

    Wow the minimum payments don’t even cover all the interest let alone touch
    the principal at all?

  • Jacob Ashuri says:

    You are a very attractive lady. You possess a “MONEY-MAKER” between your
    blank! In other words; stop complaining and use those critical thinking
    skills taught to you in college.

  • Kalevi Oksanen says:

    I don’t freaking get it! Why don’t you get a job and pay your student debt

    You’re just so full of excuses! That is absolutely pathetic! I recommend
    you look some videos by David Bach and Dave Ramsey: It is more than
    possible to save up a large sum of cash even though your take home would is
    not a lot.

    YOU made the decision to take the loans and don’t even give me the “oh I
    didn’t know what interest rates meant”. Yeah right I was perfectly aware of
    what interest rate was and how money works when I was 13 years old and if
    you weren’t then you certainly were not ready for collage or university.
    YOU made the decision and you better pay what you owe missy because
    government will garnish your wages and social security till the rest of
    your life no matter how you try to STEAL from tax payers.

    Now EXPLAIN YOURSELF missy! 

  • kd47730 says:

    Pay what you owe! You guys voted for Obummer and now there are no jobs.
    You reap what you sow!!!

  • Jairo Marquez says:

    You are gorgeous!!!

  • zakksucksdick says:

    You live at home with mommy and daddy. You make $28k a year and you can
    only afford to make the minimum payment required? You’ve got more debts
    than your telling us about. 

  • The2005rwb says:

    I baffles me that you haven’t been able to find a job in the criminal
    justice field in three years. Most police departments will hire a woman or
    a minority in a heartbeat. Anyways, best of luck to you.

  • marshallpulham says:

    I simply dont understand how some people get so backwards in student
    loans? I mean lots of people do school but its like when you sign up for
    school you are made aware of the costs to be incurred also the interest you
    will be paying and you have the option to sign the loan or say ok i need to
    go work for a few years and save my money up to do this on my own. Most
    students i know dont save it up they take on the student loans and all the
    sudden are spending more then they were before getting their hair done all
    the time nails done full tilt cell phone plan going to the bar every
    weekend (because they had such a tough week they deserve it ) And going to
    guess everytime there is a sale. I understand that you are stressed and
    this video isnt directed at you but more at people in general so they dont
    end up stuck THINK ABOUT YOUR DECISION CAREFULLY before you sign off on a
    loan do the math on how long it will take to pay it back and the toll it
    will take.

  • Noahschmeckle Shoahshekel says:

    You’re an idiot.

  • Gochyooo says:

    If you get a governmental law enforcer job you could have them pay off most
    of your debt! My friend has two jobs with a criminal justice degree.

  • zman1982 says:

    I feel your pain… ppl who slander dont get it… fuck.them

  • Rachel Nicholson says:

    Hey jess hope you got the better gig i saw u post below. Im not
    understanding the math on how this happened, but I feel ur pain. Since you
    dont have any credit card debt consider getting approved for a few of those
    0 interest rate cards, and you can put almost all of ur income towards ur
    loans. It wont solve ur problem, but I believe it will help.

  • Ricky3p1416 says:

    LAPD is hiring here in Los Angeles. With a BA degree in Criminal Justice
    you could pay off your loan in 1 .5 years they make over 100K a year. 


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