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14 Responses to Virginia Foxx student loans

  • mikehext says:

    I think that she should have her paycheck reduced to a DIME.

  • chip wyser says:

    What a wonderfully out-of-touch woman to have voted into office. Very much
    like Mitt R. She is an early Baby Boomer, so I guess we have years of this
    to come. We get what we vote for.

  • felixjazzage says:

    My household income’s top 2%, so I’ll bet we pay more taxes than you. (-:
    My dad was a factory worker & my wife’s an immigrant from the 3rd World, if
    you’re keeping score. Anyway, I don’t think higher/collegiate education is
    a “right,” unlike undergraduate. However, there may be national interest
    reasons to subsidize certain fields, as we did for engineering during the
    space race of the 1960s. Right, now we need more scientists and engineers
    desperately, not more arts & humanities parasites.

  • rmcwe says:

    What a horrible woman

  • MICKSS350 says:

    A lot of people have posted that she is “out of touch”, no she`s not, she
    is just plain “touched” as in slightly unbalanced mentally.

  • ffairlane57 says:

    FUCK YOU, CUNT! I went to college on the Pell Grant, and graduated , and
    got great jobs. In fact, I have personally met Senator Claiborne Pell, of
    my home state of R.I.

  • homeschoolmarm says:

    What a crock! Go get your own education. Who do you think you are to insist
    someone else pay for YOUR education? Find this “right” in the Constitution.
    Not even healthcare is in there! Did you know as federal education on
    spending is skyrocketing, test scores are sinking? Money is NOT the
    problem. It has to do with people DEMANDING things without working for
    them–or even getting off their lazy butts to WORK towards the education
    they insist someone else provide.

  • bette1122 says:

    Colleges DO NOT PAY TAXES. So why are colleges so expensive these days?
    Those overpaid professors are not their half the time any way

  • thetruth9900 says:

    This demented old bat should retire? Home schooling really paid off diden’t

  • homeschoolmarm says:

    This has nothing to do with right-wing republicans. It has to do with
    making the right decision as to whether or not you want to carry this debt
    with absolutely NO GUARANTEE it’s going to lead to a job in which you will
    earn enough to pay off the debt. More kids than ever are moving back home
    with their parents after college. College isn’t for everyone. Just because
    you finish–it doesn’t mean you are marketable. Mr. Obama hasn’t lifted a
    finger to help you by providing a climate for JOBS.

  • drakewingfire says:

    Another old dried up moron who has no sense of reality talking about shit
    they have no clue about. Seems to be the perfect politician! If we all
    could get a REAL education for under 5k we would all be laughing our ways
    to careers. But no, the education system is a business, we can’t deny it.
    But like most American businesses they are hell bent on making huge
    windfall profits regardless of how much gets screwed in the long run.

  • Jacqueline Brown says:

    MISS NOT SO FOXXXY———> you are obviously smoking way too much crack!

  • Blairtim69 says:

    I have a hard time tolerating people who condemn others for wanting to
    pursue a better life, and taking out a loan for their education. Especially
    when that person says they themselves took out a loan for their education.
    Conservatives are becoming more efficient. They use to exhibit their
    hypocrisy in separate speeches, now they include it in the same statement.

  • just1again says:

    She’s an idiot. I had very small loans, but I graduated in ’80. At that
    time there was much more actual aid. I also got BEOG, a grant paid a third
    of my expenses, and did not have to be paid back. There are way less of
    these grants now. And tuition costs have skyrocketted. Tuition was just
    over $300 a semester at the state univ. I attended. Its now $3000 a
    semester at that same school. This doesn’t include room and board. I paid
    $55 per month for a room in an apt. My daughter now pays $600.


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